Reflection Journal week 16

This week I was able to learn about risk management and take the test with my group. I loved hearing everyone’s  opinions when it came to the test and how we were able to come to a consensus. I’m grateful for being able to learn about risk management as well.  It is important to always be looking ahead and to prepare for the worst.

I will utilize this information by asking myself at the beginning of the shift “what could possibly go wrong during this shift and how will I try to fix it?” This will keep me calm when a crisis does occur and it won’t be as big of a shock when it happens since I have prepared for it or at least something similar. 

Reflective Journal week 15

This week, the assignments were really interesting. I like the motivation discussion because a lack of motivation can be really easy to get and so hard to rid the unit of. I liked hearing my team weigh in on the matter because it will help me personally and well has help the future units that I lead. The bargaining assignment was really hard for me ti understand at first but I ended up enjoying the assignment. I feel like this will be useful for me to help those in management above me to create a consensus about pay increases. It can be really hard to figure this all out on your own and now I will be someone that others can turn to for help and advice and verification. It was great working with my team on the test and hearing everyone’s thoughts and seeing how they all handle conflict.  I am also grateful I was able to adjust my portfolio and be able to make it that much more advantageous for me in future job interviews. 

Reflective Journal week 14

This week I really enjoyed watching the movie The Guardian and learning about conflict and how to deal with it.  It was eye opening to really think about how I deal with conflict. With my husband, I am definitely vocal and want to work things out, but at work I remain silent so I don’t stir anything up.  The team activity was stressful because it was hard having a good idea but the other town had already addressed it or they already have the rights to specialty so we had to think of something else to do. But we got it worked out! 

I will utilize this information by making sure  I am the right kind of aggressive and that I handle conflict to the best of my ability. I am glad we learned about thins because so often people let conflict affect them so much that they become really offended and lose friends over the situation and I would hate for that to happen in the work environment I am in. 

Reflective Journal Week 13

This week I learned about how important it is to survey the surrounding area when you are wanting to start a new program. You have to check with other programs to make sure it is acceptable to open this program and to see if people would even have a desire to attend the new program. y team agreed with me and we had a great discussion about opening a MSN program at UVU. 

I enjoyed discussing the courses for the BSN program and what I thought should be taught and when. It is nice to feel like you have a voice.

I will utilize this information by making sure I am asking others for their opinion so they feel as though they have a voice and so I can see if the program initiated would be acceptable. 

Reflective Journal week 12

This week was really eye opening. Most of the time, I don’t enjoy the readings but I really enjoyed the “who moved my cheese” reading. It was great to see how I adapt to change and really be able to analyze myself. Reading my teammates responses on their life and to my response helped me realize that it is okay to be a little bit like every character and that most people agree that change can be hard.  I found myself most like Haw because at first, I am scared of change, but overtime, I embrace it.  

Wouldn’t that be just like me: with this activity, I started off small. Instead of the same pair of shoes I always wear, I put on different ones, or Instead of just wearing my hair down and straight, I braided it or wore a hat. Throughout the week, I got more courageous ordered different foods on date night which we switched to Monday from Friday and then on Wednesday I decided to cook a new dish for dinner. It was actually really exciting and knowing I had the support of my husband was really helpful too. 

Overall this was a great week. I learned to embrace change better and this will really help me with being a nurse. Thing are always changing in the medical field and I need to learn to be a leader to embrace the change and help other be on board with the change rather than being the one that is making the change more difficult than it needs to be. That doesn’t mean I can’t question the change, I just need to be more willing and understanding about where the change is coming from.  

Budgeting Interview

For this interview, I talked with Peter Wiscombe who is a VP of BB&T bank in North Carolina. 

  1. Do you use a software program for your budget. If so, what program? Yes, in house integrated program SAS.
  2. If there isn’t adequate funding, what are the first 3 things you cut out of your budget? Projects, unnecessary spending, and travel.
  3. How would you handle a project that was running over budget? Too broad of a question; reassess project, reconfigure the numbers, and present to executive management for authorization of fund.
  4. How do you handle unexpected expenses? I am very stressed when that happens. I am very conscientious of the budget and count every dime.
  5. When a budget decision has to be made, who gets together to make the decision? Our group and the sponsoring line of business
  6. If you are under budget on a project, what happens with the money? Goes to another project that is suffering within the company
  7. What is your biggest budget expense? Hardware for the servers
  8. Do you usually stay within your budget for the year? yes
  9. Have you ever had to cut employees for over staffing or to make up for budget cuts? No, I haven’t.
  10. How much of the budget goes to medical coverage for employees? Is it worth offering? Would you consider good health initiatives for employees using coverage? Outside of my area of influence.
  11. How do you encourage employees to follow money saving protocols that may be tedious? We don’t do incentives
  12. If you have to do layoffs because of lack of money, how do you decide who to layoff? Last one in and first one out as well as performance evaluations mainly.
  13. Have you ever slacked on keeping a good budget? If so, what happened? Not at work. I am very tight with my money at work and watch it constantly and never go over and never have issues with it.
  14. What are the budgeting rules you live by, if any? “I plan to a T” I don’t over budget so that I have a massive cushion. I plan my work and work my plan.
  15. Does someone else help you with budgeting? If so, how often do you follow up with them about the budget? Sometimes if I need, then my management will assist. Constantly. Monthly.

What I learned: If you want to keep to a budget, you definitely can! Budgets always seem so scary to me and it seems as though most people go over budget. Peter made it very clear that if you are aware of your expenses and plan well, you can stay within or even under budget. 

Reflective Journal week 10

This week, I learned about setting s schedule for nurses and other staff members. It was really difficult finding a model we all agreed on since we are all staffed so different from each other. It definitely would have been nice to have all the information for this assignment but we were able to figure it out and I think my team did a great job creating a schedule for the staff. It is interesting how many different methods of staffing there are,  especially between different floors in the same hospital. I definitely respect how my leaders set up my schedule more now. 

I will utilize this information in the future should I have to create a schedule for staffing. I will take into account the people who have worked in the unit and other units previously and see what they liked and didn’t like about their staffing procedures and find a way that suits most people and is the most effective. I am grateful I was able to learn more about staffing this week. 

Reflective Journal Week 9

This week I learned about continuing education. Some back story with me: Once I finish my bachelor program at UVU, I am done with school. I have no desire to get my masters or PhD, to become an NP or educator. I am perfectly content with my BSN and that’s that. However, I understand the need for continuing education. That is why this lesson was so great. I think the biggest thing my team pointed out with helping achieve the future of nursing is residency programs. IHC has one that all new nurse hires must go through. Once a week, there is a different teacher that comes in to teach about their specialty (wound care, IV pumps, pain management, time management, etc.). This is really helpful because a lot of the thing mentioned are things either we barely touched on in nursing school and I have forgotten or things we never learned about. 

One thing this lesson really taught me is that the future of nursing is now and it is starting with us. We as new grads can really mold and define what the next several years of nursing will look like and I love that. It makes us be more aware of the choices we are making as a new nurse and makes us question why and know the answer when questioned. 

We are the future of nursing!

Reflective Journal Week 8

This week was all about budgeting. It was a difficult week for me. I felt really out of my element trying to figure out budget cuts. I realized very quickly that I would be horrible at this in real life. This was not a real hospital, I didn’t know anyone working there, and yet I found it really hard to NOT make this a personal problem. I kept thinking about the employees and how people really need the money which is why they are staying late and how I am hurting them financially by cutting down their hours. I didn’t want people to be mad at me or feel like what I was doing was unfair to them. 

Where I work, there have been serious budget cuts and it has really hurt the work environment I am in. However, after this assignment, I realized that it is just a hard job and they are doing everything they can to not fire someone. It can be really hard reducing hours and cutting out things people love such as soda and cookies, but it needs to be done so people can have a job. It has really changed the way I view my boss and manager. 

Even though this unit was hard to understand, I am grateful for it because we as nurses need to know how our actions affect the rest of the departments. Reducing money, even if just a little bit here are there, can be really helpful in the months to come and I will definitely make sure I am more aware of the money I am costing my hospital and my department. 

Reflective Journal Week 7

This week I was able to learn about the difference between men and women as leaders. It was really enlightening. I also was able to interview someone about how they fire someone and I was able to learn the process for firing someone and how dangerous firing can be with suing and disgruntled employees. 

The team activity was a very interesting one. I was very surprised at myself and how frustrated and defensive I felt when my teammates said that men were better leaders. They had extremely valid points, but it was really hard for me to leave nice comments on their posts after hearing them talk about why women are not better leaders. I feel like this aspect would lead me to not be a very good leader because I am clearly too emotional to do so. After some thought, I realized how accurate Nate’s point was… that it shouldn’t be based on gender but on personality and  leadership characteristics and that we put way too much emphasis on gender.

I will utilize this information by looking at people for who they are rather than what they are. Getting to really know them and focusing more on their personality rather than gender will help me relate to them better and hopefully connect with them better so that if I am ever in that position, I can avoid firing them and motivate them to work harder.